Why can't girls be boy scouts?

So earlier, I was watching a video where Madge was dressed as a boy scout, but conveying her upset that she wasn’t actually allowed to be a boy scout. Now that might sound like a rudimentary and obvious thing – it’s called “Boy Scouts”, therefore, why should she be allowed to join? But you see, [...]


Don't Force Yourself into the Rat Race

This morning I dropped the kids off at school, like I normally do, but for the first time in many months I don’t need to pick them up after school. Today, instead, that job is falling to their Grandma, because they’re going to their Mums for the night. Now, normally I look after my children [...]


Don’t Use Upcoming Events as Excuses

by PAL on January 21, 2015

Stop Using Events as Excuses

Do you ever sit there thinking “Hmmmmm, I’ve got to go out in an hour, I’ll leave this important task for another day”….. I certainly do. But whenever I do, I also find myself thinking “What the hell are you talking about?”. Putting things off because of something that is going to happen in the [...]


Post image for Do What you Don’t Want to do – Embrace the Challenge

It’s often the case that what we don’t want to do, is exactly what we need to do. Putting these things off, only makes the situation worse. It raises anxieties, it pushes self doubt into your mind and ultimately, you don’t progress yourself. Instead, if we simply dive into these challenges without thought, then we [...]


Imagining Ahead is Like Shooting Yourself in the Face – The Doubt Problem

January 19, 2015
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How often have you put off a task, an errand or something positive in your life, simply because you’ve envisaged it, and it; Seemed too difficult Felt like it was going to take way too much time Didn’t go according to plan Well, that’s your imagination for you, and it can play utterly, utterly filthy [...]

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The Stop Doing List & Unmade Decisions

January 18, 2015
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I feel it’s a wholly appropriate time to give myself a stop doing list. You see, I’ve found my myself recently repeating some tasks over and over. Tasks which are neither productive, beneficial or even appealing. But I keep doing them. As an example, I often buy things on eBay for my Nostalgia site. BUT [...]

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500 Words per day Revelation; Make a Committment

January 17, 2015
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So a few days a go I kicked off the 500 words per day challenge. The premise here is very simple; Write 500 words per day Don’t worry about editing just write This post, actually forms part of this challenge. The thing is, since kicking off this challenge, writing has just seemed a whole lot [...]

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Why Progression of Yourself is Your Top Priority

January 16, 2015
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Follow Yourself and Others will Follow You. A common an universal question is “Why are we all here?”, “What is the meaning of life?”. I for one, don’t think that the meaning of life as such can ever be conceived, at least not as this stage of human evolution. But one thing I am quite [...]

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Your Thoughts are Like Waves & You’re on a Boat

January 15, 2015
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Picture this, you’re in a boat out in the middle of a vast ocean. You have oars, which you can choose to use to dictate your direction, but at the moment, your just floating around on the water. Try to imagine that your thoughts are the waves bobbing around the boat – we’ll call this [...]

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Dealing with Fears & Anxieties

January 14, 2015
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When it comes to Fear & Anxiety, what you see in the future, is ultimately a fear and what you’ve experienced in the past can fester as an anxiety. You need to tackle these, but denial or blocking it out should play no part in this process. Future Fears Future fears are usually brought upon [...]

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